In 2015, along with the SDGroup team, Dmitry Volkov became a participant of the Burning Man Festival, an international festival of contemporary art and music. Especially for it together with artist Oleg Kulik, the art object OraculeTang was created. On the one hand, there is Oracle, a technological robot and a modern society product, a universal prophet programmed to answer any human questions. On the other hand, there is a primitive monkey, our wild ancestor bearing secrets of nature and evolution. The image of a modern person who spends his/her days in strict limits was simultaneously reproduced (like OracleTange in a latticework, in the very word sense) and the place of nature in modern civilization was demonstrated. Even the things remained untouched were fenced and safely locked up. Then OracleTang took part in the Festival of Contemporary Art of the Brooklyn Academy of Music Next Wave Art 2015.