SDG Arts & Science Foundation and Mikhail Prokhorov Charitable Foundation supported a new project of the art group "Provmyza", participant of the 51st Venice Biennale, laureate of the Kuryokhin Prize and "Innovation".

The theme of Oratorium SARXSOMA is loss, different modes of feeling and experiencing sad life events. The premiere of the performance took place on the birthday of the National Center of Contemporary Art. The project was carried out in two formats: theatrical performance, carried out in the space of a specially built large-scale installation, and a video. At Oratorium SARXSOMA, the artists Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov combine various types and genres of art: theater, performance, installation, video art and circus.

The visual part of the project takes us to the art of the Middle Ages, Baroque and early modernism, the techniques of which are multiplied with the help of modern technologies. And the sound component of the performance and video "Oratorio for Two Voices" was written by composer Daria Zvezdina. Actors of the La Gol Voice Theater Alena Verin-Galitskaya and Daniil Shaposhnik were invited to perform the musical work.

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