The Summer School of Philosophy is an international program offering intensive lectures and seminars with the participation of world-renowned experts. The program is organized by the Center for Consciousness Studies (CCS), founded by Dr. Dmitry Volkov. CCS primarily focuses on the development of analytical philosophy and has been hosting the Summer Philosophical School biennially since 2014.

The Summer School of Philosophy provides an exceptional platform for engaging with leading global experts in the fields of consciousness, free will, and moral responsibility. The event takes on an international format, attracting graduate students and young scientists to deliberate on philosophical questions under the guidance of recognized experts in the field.

The first school was organized in 2014 and was led by Professor John Fisher, focusing on the theme of free will and moral responsibility. Subsequently, the second school in 2016, which took place in Riga, explored the relationship between free will and consciousness. Distinguished expert Derk Pereboom facilitated discussions, and philosophical debates took place right in the heart of the historic city.

In 2018, the Summer School found its home in Malta, where it was hosted at the personal invitation of the President of Malta at their summer residence. Participants engaged in discussions revolving around the issue of personal identity, guided by Professor Richard Swinburne from the University of Oxford.

In 2020, the school was held online for the first time. Under the guidance of Professor Daniel Stoljar from the Australian National University, participants delved into the connection between consciousness and introspection.

The latest Summer School was held in 2023 in Palermo and gathered world-known philosophers and thinkers to debate the possibility of uploading the human mind to a computer system.