The Center for Consciousness Research (CCS) organizes regular lectures by leading experts in the field of analytical philosophy. One of the latest significant events was a lecture by David Chalmers, "The Hard Problem of Consciousness: 300 Years On", which was attended by about 600 people! David Chalmers is an Australian philosopher who played a great role in creating a new academic discipline - the science of consciousness. He became a co-founder of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness and organized the first major scientific conferences in Tucson, devoted to studying this problem. Most significant books on consciousness of the beginning of the 21st century contain references to his scientific works.
Such admired experts as Daniel Dennett, David Chalmers, Patricia Churchland, Derk Perebum, Jesse Prince, Nicholas Humphrey, John Fischer, John Searle, Timothy Williamson have already made public lectures in the Center for Consciousness Research. Lectures are held in an open format. They are quite an event for everyone who is interested in studying philosophy, for students, graduate students, teachers.