The second street festival organized by SDG Arts & Science Foundation together with LABORATORIA Art & Science brought together music, modern art and new technologies. The dialogue of such different spheres was built around key objects, namely classical pianos, which were changed in such a way that they couldn't be recognized. Dmitry Volkov, SDG Arts & Science Foundation founder, said they were immersed in the essence of the sound and the shape of the instrument and wanted to share our discoveries with the city inhabitants and make everyone think and rethink the nature of the familiar things.

Scientific and artistic practices were intertwined within the experiment-performance "Piano with a prepared musician", in which Dmitry Volkov took part. The electroencephalogram set on Dmitry's head fixed his brain activity, which was immediately visualized on the screen via a special app. It was also possible to “see the music by your own eyes” at artist's :: Vtol :: installation, where the audience could watch a unique video art at the same time.