For the first time, the Center for Consciousness Studies held an international summer philosophical school in an online format. This year's theme is the problem of the relationship between consciousness and introspection. The discussion was moderated by Professor of the Australian National University Daniel Stoljar.

Introspection (or self-observation) is a unique ability that allows a person to know about the consciousness and existence of his own I. However, at present, scientists from various fields of study of consciousness - psychologists, neurophysiologists and philosophers - question not only the reliability of introspection, but also the very existence of this special ability. Although it is the very ability that bases the idea that we, as conscious beings, are not an illusion.

The school was attended by graduate students passed the competitive selection from New York and Stockholm universities. A collection of studies will be published based on the results of the summer school.

“The world today is significantly polarized. People have become more aggressive due to the epidemic and restrictions. But philosophy, from my point of view, should play the role of a counterweight. Critical thinking raises tolerance. And this is one of the goals of our center. We are trying to organize a dialogue between different institutions, organisations from different states, in different languages. This dialogue should allow integrating, not dividing the world”, - one of the founders of the CCS, Professor Dmitry Volkov, said.